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LMU Film Student Discount
Film Student Discount In Los Angles

Film Student Discounts Available!

10% Off

CostumesLA welcomes all student filmmakers!

No matter if it’s the first project or a senior thesis film we will do our best to accommodate student reservations and offer a 10% film student discount on their rentals. In some cases students may be asked to provide a valid student ID or  letters from administration to confirm their status as a student. Additional requirements may include certificates of insurance, credit card authorizations, or security deposits. Requirements will be assessed on a case by case basis per CostumesLA’s discretion.

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Simple Costume Rentals

Inquire. Reserve. Delivered.

CostumesLA provides a quick and simple costume rentals to all of our clients no matter the budget. We know that whether you’re producing a thesis project, independent film, or music video that time and resources are often crucial to the project. Our affordable costume rentals and simple process make it easy for anyone to reserve. All you have to do is inquire, reserve, and pickup nothing else. Reservations can be made online using our booking form and mobile payment options. Please indicate that your project is a student film to qualify for the film student discount. This simple method gives you more time to focus on the details that matter and make your next production a hit! No hassle, just a simple costume rental!

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